Dermaplaning, also known as leveling or blading, is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment for the removal of the outermost dead skin cells on the face. The treatment involves exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin using a very small surgical blade.

Dermaplaning is recommended to treat dry, rough skin, acne scars, uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines, and even unwanted facial hair. It can produce a smoother skin texture and a clearer complexion, while minimizing fine lines and minor scars. Since the Dermaplaning dermatome is a sharp blade, unwanted peach fuzz or whiskers may also be eliminated during treatment. Dermaplaning offers a rare combination of skin rejuvenation and facial hair removal benefits. Acne scars and minor wrinkles can be minimized with Dermaplaning as the dermatome blade removes damaged epidermal skin. Dermaplaning removes dead skin more swiftly and cleanly than the natural shedding process allows and thus triggers an increased skin cell turnover.

Unlike exfoliating peel procedures, dermaplaning uses no chemicals, and therefore causes less irritation. The result is skin that is immediately freshened and vitalized, even after one treatment. Patients often benefit from multiple treatments spaced three to four weeks apart.

Dermaplaning can be an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion, and may be ideal for patients with extremely sensitive skin, unwanted facial hair “peach fuzz”, rosacea, visible facial veins, or pregnant. The treatment can also be combined with a chemical peel to allow the peel to penetrate the skin more deeply and evenly.

The best way to determine if Dermaplaning is right for you is to consult with our skin health experts. We can determine whether Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels are the most appropriate skin rejuvenation treatment option for you!


  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction in the appearance of deep acne scars
  • Smoother, more even complexion
  • Removal of fine facial hair, commonly referred to as “peach fuzz”
  • Enhanced penetration of skin care products following treatment